New Thought Classes

New Thought Classes

Today there are a full spectrum of outstanding New Thought Classes with different teachers around the world.

There are also some wonderful New Thought Institutions offering a variety of programs which support New Thought Seekers and Sharers with quality spiritual education.

We have found only two sites which explores these various educational opportunities and enable New Thought Seekers to jump around the web and look at the different choices and make a decision.

You will find some great information at

The most important thing to remember is that none of these institutes are "better" than another. They are all different and thus suited to the different needs of different individuals. Of course some of these programs will tout themselves as being better than others and put forth various reasons why they are better.

But in the long and short of it, any degrees granted are simply religious degrees and are not going to carry over most regular State Universites. Beware of any of them that tout their "accredation" or try to pass themselves off as something they are not. Remember that if you are a member of a particular New Thought denomination and you wish to teach or be a spiritual leader in that denomination, then you must go through their educational programs, otherwise you may get all of your education and find out they won't accept it.

Think about it.

If you were studying in the fundamentalist world it would be the same situation. You can't generally study at a Baptist Divinity School and then become a Methodist minister or a Catholic priest. You can't study at a Japanese Zen Dojo and then lead a Tibetan Buddhist temple or a Taoist temple.

Most New Thought centers are capable of choosing their Spiritual Leader, but some may be restricted in their ability to choose their leaders or in some cases even the speakers that may be invited to speak at their centers. These are generally the "branded" denominations which are intensely focused on a their particular interpretation of New Thought.

This is why it is important to know what you want BEFORE you study. If your desire is spiritual evolution and you compassionately desire to teach New Thought and are ready to go where God guides you, then you needn't worry about which program you choose. But if you are want to belong to a particular denomination and abide by their rules, regulations and restrictions then you should stick with their program and learn their interpretations.

Find more information on New Thought Classes below.


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There are New Thought Classes around the globe

Today, the internet has opened the door to study with some really great spiritual leaders around the globe.

There are classes available from Europe, from Africa, from South America and the South Seas and there are more classes sourced in American than ever before.

Some students might consider the new international programs which accept credits from other programs allowing you to build your own program and thereby become a much more powerful spiritual leader through global enrichment of consciousness.


Explore the Rainbow of New Thought Beliefs / Discover your Truth!

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