New Thought Libraries

New Thought Libraries

Today there are at least ten different New Thought Denominations.

Some of these denominations have been around for a while and therefore might have taken care to retain the early records and copies of their early publications. Some of these organizations are demonstrating a keen insight into today's world and placing these writings and archives online without any restrictions on public access.

Others are still in the old 20th Century mindset and are not sharing their records online or are simply trying to figure out ways to use their archives to make money.

Whatever their intentions, you can get online today and these libraries can provide you with a vehicle for your personal transformation.

Be cautious about sharing personal information in order to access these sites. Follow all the usual precautions so that you do not wind up having problems. Also be very, very careful about those sites that are asking for you to pay money to access old texts. Often these texts are in the public domain and can be found for free at the denominational sites.

Our favorite site is which is mirrored in at least 4 different locations around the globe. They focus on digitizing texts and not on creating physical archives. But they do buy texts and process them and when they are done with the process, they will either donate them to physical archives or sell them to New Thought sharers and then use the money to buy more texts.

Download pdf's for free, download audio files of your favorite classic texts and much more at

New Thought Library


New Thought Libraries online and physical archives



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