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It is at this moment that we have stepped upon the bridge of love which can move through time and space to any place at any moment. It is a mystery but a sweet one, that within such love lies freedom.

When we do the work of re-aligning our heart-minds with highest good then there is no need to change anyone else. Those people who are good for us manifest in our lives when we are ready for them to appear. This is an ancient secret. I am happy that I met you because you have a good heart and a good mind. I really enjoy your perspective.

I feel that it is important to follow the principle that in order to change anything we must change ourselves. When I do treatments I do not treat the other person, I treat my vision of the truth of that person. I have found that everything I need comes to me in this life. Whether I am in the United States or elsewhere in the world, I have found that unless we insure that New Thought is there for people to see, then most people will not be aware of its existence.

Our lives are works of art and we can create the most beautiful tapestry of interwoven threads, a vision that is fulfilled in harmonious crescendos of color that create a strong and lasting legacy of beauty. The greatest beauty is found in simple things: the smile of a child, the dance of a young rabbit in spring, the sun setting in the mountains while one sits in a natural hotspring.

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DivineUnity - Affirms compassion is the first key to heaven

1. We affirm that there is one Energy, Universal Consciousness, Transcendent Cause, Being/Beingness, Love, Buddha Nature, which may also be called God/Goddess whose embrace is both universal and individual. That as we realize our DivineUnity with this energy we embody Compassion, Goodness, Wisdom, Love, Justice, Mercy, Truth, Power, Peace, Plenty and Joy.

2. We affirm that the universe is the unfoldment of this DivineUnity and as such may be described as the Body of the Divine, that Energy/Spirit which manifests itself in and through all Creation and beyond what we can conceive.

3. We affirm that we are One with the Divine. We are Sparks of the Eternal, Rays of the Great Spirit. Each of us can embody the love and wisdom of the Great Masters and we are all on a journey toward realizing our divine nature.

4. We affirm that there are many paths, wisdom traditions and faiths that lead to Spiritual Truth and help us on our journey. We honor all love based and compassionate teachings from all such sources and we affirm the freedom of each person in matters of belief.

5. We affirm that our personal journeys require inner work - the inner work of learning to love one another, of learning to be completely alive, and of learning to appreciate the wonder in all things.

6. We affirm that our journeys require outer work - the outer work of taking responsibility for and living in harmony with our own physical bodies, our environment and our planet at large. We affirm that we co-create this world and our spiritual temples therein.

7. We affirm that Love, Compassion, Humility and Gratitude are major traits of the heart on our spiritual journey.

8. We affirm that Awareness, Non-Judgment, Listening, Understanding and the ability to Shift our Perception are core assets freeing the mind on its spiritual journey.

9. We affirm that changing our internal dialogue from "what's in it for me?" to "How can I help?" teaches us to say the right words and do the right deeds on our spiritual journey.

10. We affirm that our deepest beliefs and intentions are carried forward into manifestation and become our experience.

11. We affirm that the Vastness, Harmony and Lawfulness of the Universe expressed by the Physical Sciences and the Respect for Justice, Individual Rights and Diversity embodied by truly Democratic Civil Societies are themselves statements of spirit worthy of our honor.

12. We affirm that we are grateful to live the life that we are given in the place where we are knowing that together we can create one of the most beautiful places on earth and we show our gratitude through our compassionate and joyful spirit, and our community helpfulness.

13. We affirm the unfolding or growth of spirit through time both for our own journeys and for the journeys of the past, immediate and ancient, which brought us here. We look forward to a more conscious, spirit filled future for ourselves, all humanity and indeed all life in the universe.

14. We affirm that Spirit abides in us always and that we abide in Spirit always, continuing and unfolding as spiritual beings beyond the challenge called physical death.

15. We affirm our creative powers and gather together to create a spiritual service composed of the morning's wonder, the day's miracle, the week's insight and the moment's shift of perception.

16. We affirm that each of our unique truths captures one of the facets of being and is due our attention, acceptance and understanding and we value their expression. Our DivineUnity service forms a circle of sharing in honor of this affirmation.

17. We affirm that we are each both teacher and student of spirit, and that by sharing the events and insights of our spiritual journeys we minister to each other.

18. We affirm that we together form a Spiritual Community of teachers and students where we strive to love one another and support each other's unique spiritual journeys.

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The Equilibrium ~ 7 Basic Beliefs ~ Divine Unity Affirms ~ 5 Social Practices ~ Principles of Divine Unity ~ What We Teach Our Children ~ Human Rights ~ Texts

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